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Photo: Josh Estey
  • Accelerating Myanmar’s Invisible People Power

    The report summarizes some of Hivos’ findings and lessons based on its engagement with local DRE actors.

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  • Myanmar’s Solution: People-Powered Decentralized Renewable Energy

    A snapshot of Myanmar’s electricity and renewable energy efforts alongside the opportunity of local DRE potential that is yet to be further explored.

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  • Community-based Renewable Energy Solutions

    An awareness-building infographic brochure for local civil society as a quick reference guide to understand variety of decentralized renewable energy innovation and applications.

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  • Strategic Compass 2021 – 2024

    We find ourselves at a moment in time when the true extent of the challenges facing the world has been thrown into stark relief. To ensure Hivos remains well-equipped to address these challenges – together with our partners and allies – we have adopted a new strategic direction.

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