• CREATE Newsletter – Edition 2

    Collaboration for tolerance is essential in today’s peace preservation efforts. Likewise, a partnership between the government, the community, religious leaders, schools, and teachers is important so that the rights of every citizen can continue to be protected and fulfilled. Read our second-edition newsletter about CREATE program titled ‘Peacebuilding: Collaboration for Tolerance’

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  • Hivos Annual Report 2020

    Read about the work Hivos and its partners has done in 2020. The document also includes the Annual Accounts 2020.

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  • CREATE Newsletter – Edition 1

    Intolerance is not merely an incident, but rooted in historical-structural problems. Hence, any initiatives to promote tolerance is needed. The Creative Youth for Tolerance (CREATE) program engages art and culture as transformative means to build space of diversity. Read our first-edition newsletter about CREATE program, titled ‘Improving Tolerance and Pluralism in Schools Through Art and […]

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